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Do you or your child love music, but don’t feel like you have time for lessons? We feel like we’ve come up with the perfect solution for you! We’re based out of Harrison, AR (just minutes from Branson, MO!) and we offer voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and even lessons in songwriting and music marketing/networking!

What makes us different? We combine the best of both worlds… one-on-one music lessons plus the convenience of studying on your own time in your own home. How did we do it? First of all, we know that Harrison, Branson, and the surrounding areas are full of talented people who love music. We also know that in these small towns, it’s sometimes hard to find things like voice lessons and guitar lessons… AND if you find them, it’s often hard to make time for them in between all of life’s other obligations. We’re passionate about helping you… so we came up with a solution that bridges the idea of studying on your own through online videos and being able to hear valuable feedback from music instructors.

We’ve built an e-Learning platform in 2020 where you learn online, submit your assignments online, and then your instructor personally watches them and responds with video feedback! Our music lessons aren’t just for Harrison, Branson and the neighboring towns… we’re nationwide! Register online today, read more about our instructors, and take a look at all of our courses!

Leslie Wright

Leslie is a Harrison, AR native and has been performing on stage since age 5. She has a Bachelor’s in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, and a streaming record deal with SMH Records. She is the NW Arkansas Chapter Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). Leslie currently manages the George Brothers and…

Randall George

Take lessons from the 2018 Arkansas CMA Guitar Player of the Year! Randall played on his first album at age 6. He has spent his whole life playing music in Eureka Springs, Branson, and on the road. He and his brother, Dawayne, make up the George Brothers who currently tour in AR, KS, MO, TX, OK, and CO…

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    Voice Lessons

    More than just singing... it's style, emotion, and connecting

    Piano Lessons

    You won't just learn sheet music... you'll learn how to feel music!

    Guitar Lessons

    Want to learn the basics... cool licks... or heavy blues? We do all of that!

    Bass Guitar Lessons

    Whether you're looking for basic patterns or serious riffs, we teach it all.

    Drum Lessons

    No drum set? No problem! Your instructor learned on stacks of magazines!

    Songwriting & More

    More courses including Music Business, Artist Marketing, and Songwriting workshops through NSAI

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