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The Music University offers online music lessons for music in the real world. Offering online vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and songwriting lessons for all ages.
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Leslie Wright

Leslie has been performing on stage since age 5, is a contemporary worship leader, and has a music education background from Berklee College of Music. She is currently managing the George Brothers and…

Randall George

Randall played on his first album at age 6. He has spent his whole life playing music on the road. He and his brother, Dawayne, make up the George Brothers who currently tour in AR, KS, MO, TX, OK, and CO…

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Vocal Lessons

More than just singing... it's style, emotion, and connecting


You won't just learn sheet music... you'll learn how to feel music!


Want to learn the basics... cool licks... or heavy blues? We do all of that!

Bass Guitar

Whether you're looking for basic patterns or serious riffs, we teach it all.


No drum set? No problem! Your instructor learned on stacks of magazines!


Learn basic songwriting skills and how to branch out into becoming a better writer!

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Leslie and her daughter, Kaylie, doing a cover of “Stay with Me”

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