View our Frequently Asked Questions below, and feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions not answered here!

How do I get started?

Start by filling out our registration form here! We’ll line up the courses we feel best suit your experience level, and send you a link to get going with your first course!

What ages do you teach?

We don’t really have a specific age. We do our best to accommodate all ages, from 3 to 100! Younger students might need some assistance navigating through the courses and doing assignments.

How long are the courses?

Courses are designed to run about 30 days, but can be completed in as little as 2 weeks or as long as 45 days. There are usually 6 courses in each level (designed to take about 6 months per level if all courses are taken). Each course consists of 5 units. Each unit includes one instruction video and one assignment. Typically students complete one unit per week, and the 5th unit is always optional (for 5 week months or if you just want to do an extra unit). The instruction videos are around 10 to 15 minutes. The assignment videos are about 3 to 5 minutes.

How many levels are there?

We offer 20 levels. Level 1 assumes the student has no experience at all and begins with the very basics. Level 20 is for the professional looking to polish things or learn advanced tricks. This level has no limits. Courses can always be added to help the advanced learner continue to grow.

How does the course work?

At the beginning of the course, the student will choose a song they like and video themselves singing along with it. The video recorder is built into the platform… no special knowledge is needed! You just need a webcam.  Then they will begin unit 1 of that course. All units begin on Monday. There will be a 10 or 15 minute instruction video that can be viewed at any time. There will also be a 3 to 5 minute assignment video. The first assignment is due by Wednesday at midnight, but can be done sooner. The instructor will then give feedback via video for the student to review. The second assignment is simply to repeat the first assignment using the tips from the feedback video. It is due anytime before Saturday at midnight. We will always try to have the second round of video feedback to you before the next unit begins on Monday. At the end of the month, the student will video themselves singing the song they chose at the beginning of the unit, using all the things they’ve learned in the course. Then they can compare their video to the video they made at the beginning of the course! Each course will offer a printable certificate upon successful completion at the end.

Are courses pre-recorded?

Courses are pre-recorded, but the feedback is not. We record personal video feedback for the student after every assignment. This gives the student one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

How much do courses cost?

All courses are $65 each. However, we do have a FastLearners program where we offer a second course at 50% off if the student completes the course in 2 weeks or less. We also offer a point system where you can earn course discounts!

What equipment do I need to take courses?

All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet with a webcam that records audio and video. Some students are able to do the assignments using their smart phones.  You will need a metronome of some sort… either Google’s online metronome, a physical metronome, or a metronome app. Lastly, you will need something to give pitch such as an actual instrument, an instrument on an app, or online such as Virtual Piano. Some courses will ask you to download a backing track. We recommend using Karaoke-Version.com. Tracks are around $1 to $3 each. You won’t need more than one track each month.

What courses do you offer?

Currently, we are only offering voice lessons. We will have guitar lessons by Randall George coming up in the Spring of 2020. We have plans to add courses in bass, drums, music business, artist marketing, live performance, and home recording. We will keep you posted on courses as they open!

Do I have to take all the courses in a level in order to advance?

Not at all. We want to keep you engaged and interested in your courses. We won’t bore you with courses you already know!

I want to take a course in something I don't see offered.

Looking for something you don’t see? Send us a message! We’re always adding courses. If there is something specific you’re hoping to learn, we’ll do our best to get it added quickly for you!

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes we do! When more than one student in a family is taking courses, we give you a $15 discount per course per student. At least two students in the family must be actively taking courses to continue receiving the discount.

How do the points and badges work?

Online badges are automatically given by the e-learning platform for specific things such as completing a certain number of courses. Points are also given for things such as completing assignments, passing courses, getting certificates, etc. Points are used to earn special prizes such as course discounts, t-shirts, and more!

Can I take lessons in person or only online?

Classes are only offered online through our e-learning platform. We have found that allowing students to do their lessons and assignments on their own time makes things easier for both students and the instructors!