The Music University | Policies
The Music University offers online music lessons for music in the real world. Offering online vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and songwriting lessons for all ages.
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View our policies and class info below.

General Policies:

We do not make guarantees on your abilities when we teach classes. We are simply instructing you to be the best you can be, and we will use the best of our abilities to do so!

Classes must be paid at least 12 hours in advance of your scheduled class time. You are welcome to pay per class or for several classes in advance.

If you need to cancel a class, please be do so no less than 12 hours in advance or you will still be charged for your class (unless in the case of an emergency situation).

We do not issue any refunds except on a case by case emergency basis.

Instruments are not provided. You are responsible for your instrument. We would be glad to help you find something inexpensive that would still provide a beneficial learning experience.

During songwriting classes, you agree not to hold us liable for any songs or portions of songs our instructors write that you feel are similar to something you have written. It is never our intention to “steal” your ideas, lyrics, or melodies. However, there are many phrases and melodies that can be used by many people without ever realizing someone else “did it first”. We don’t teach classes to steal your ideas. We’re here to help our students become better writers!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, discontinue any or all classes (as a whole or individually), change our class prices, or change our policies at anytime. We do not tolerate hate, racism, discrimination, or foul language at anytime.

We are not responsible for bad internet connections or other class interruptions. We recommend fast internet speed and a hard wired connection via ethernet cable for best results. If a class is interrupted for more than a few minutes and the problem is on our side, we will refund your class or reschedule it for you. We always do our best to work with you even when the problem is on your side of the connection.

If inclement weather is preventing a class or causes us to have to stop a class, we will be happy to reschedule. This is usually only an issue during stormy weather.

Occasionally, classes may have to be cancelled by the instructor or a time frame may need to be blocked out temporarily. We try to keep this at a minimum, but it does happen from time to time. We will give you a minimum of 12 hours notice except in case of emergency. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, we will always refund or reschedule your class if it is cancelled by an instructor.

If you have any other questions or concerns at any time please contact us via voice/text at 870-715-2867 or via email at